Olympian choices…



Aches the heart which beats so fast
Blood on fire as round it speeds
Blows the tape through which you race
Adrenaline powers mental feeds.

Honour, victory, move you forward
Cheating drugs not through your veins
Raise the bar and mighty voices
Cheer you on to ease the pains.

Once again Olympian choices
Whether to cheat or play it fair
It’s up to you for you have trained
As history notes what you did there.

Mighty women, mighty men
Take to the track and field
Through the pool the swimmers glide
As fight they all for gold to wield.

Zeus looks down from Mount Olympus
Sees the spectacle unfold
Runners all line up to start
Marathons are for the bold.

Then once again the thing is over
Moves once more the mighty show
Four more years and off again
As reputations come and go.

©Joe Wilson – Olympian choices…2016

Knocking out lines
Ten to the dozen
Me with my pen
My laptop a cousin.
Creation was simple
I wrote what I saw
But now you’re not here
I hurt at the core.
I hadn’t stopped
Nor had I thought
How often your advice
I sought.

And now just drivel
Fills my head
Replacing good stuff
There instead.
My heart is full of you
Such will always be
I guess that I should man up
You’re still right here with me.

©Joe Wilson – Untitled 2…2016