The kitchen table…

When I was a very little boy
The dining table was a great big toy
It stood so big in the kitchen then
And watched as boys grew into men.

Between the legs it was a cave
Where toys were gathered there to save
And Mother would hang a sheet or two
To make it safe, it’s what Mums do.

Sometimes we sat upon the top
Became a stagecoach that wouldn’t stop
As Cowboys and Indians our usual trend
We played for hours and all were friends.

Yet later on it changed again
Father died and there were fewer men
I started doing my homework there
As I dreamt of a life goodness knew where.

And breakfasts and lunches and dinners too
Were spent with family as folks would do
Until one day I left the rest
And made a life and a perfect nest.

For years we sat round a different table
Encouraged the kids in a life so stable
Until they too grew wings to fly
Where one broke our heart as she fell from the sky.

©Joe Wilson – The kitchen table…2016

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