Beside the lake, beneath the trees…

Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Caught in splendour in the breeze
The glorious yellowness of them all
Can leave one breathless in the thrall.

And gaze I do at nature’s bounty
Stretched this Spring o’er every county
The daffodil, that sign of winter clear
When hopefulness replaces fear.

Now mallards swoop across the lake
A search for mate by flighty drake
As coots and moorhens build new nests
In reedbeds that will hide them best.

High in the sky the sparrowhawk
In fear below they hear his squawk
And suddenly all around is still
The hawk moves on, this time no kill.

And in the breeze those yellow waves
Such spectacle ones heart it saves
For how could not your spirits soar
Their beauty leaves you wanting more.

©Joe Wilson – Beside the lake, beneath the trees…2017

The first line and title are borrowed from
I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud by William Wordsworth.


They go with prayer books and medicines in hand
To a faraway civil war brutalised land
Where war and death is all that lives
A land where the gun takes much more than it gives.

Where children, recruited, are taught how to kill
And women defiled at a vile warlord’s will
As here in the west we stand idly by
For this oil-free country we don’t bat a eye.

Smugness, that’s what the world suffers from
And I’m alright Jack, or how to dress for the Prom
While out in the jungle of life people die
But wrapped in our smugness we don’t hear them cry.

©Joe Wilson – Smugness…2017