The Ignorance of Man…

salvador dali the face of war
The Face of War – Salvador Dali

I’ve ridden the great beast of ignorance
Naivety always sped me on my way
And all around was bitter suffering
Whilst in my idiocy I never dared to stay.
And woe, I saw a hundred men
And yet a hundred more
As turned they into blood and pain
The fodder to political war.
Behind a wall I hid in my fear
Or lay I in caves so dark
As man lost all humanity
While of compassion there was no spark.
For what is war but filth and grime
And death for those who’ve done no crime
Whilst yet the maker of war tools
Sees profits rise from deaths of fools.
Yet when man cries, ‘no more, no more’
Perverse they turn on him and cry
As cruel events repeat themselves
More people have to fall and die.

©Joe Wilson – The Ignorance of Man…2017

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