Something isn’t right…

Muddy waters
By teeming rains
Runs off plastic tunnels
To fill country drains.
Overflows them
Runs to stream
Spoiling water
For Chub and Bream.
But we want fruit
And all year round
So much harm
Done to the ground.
Seasonal choices just don’t suit
In Mother Nature we stuck the boot!

We’re saving air-miles
Sponsors shout
Picked fruit in season
Makes air-miles nowt.

For we now live
A life of plenty
We pick and choose
One fruit or twenty.
Yet even here
And now – give thanks
A growing throng
Must use food banks.

We have to learn
To share our wealth
For poverty creeps
In quiet stealth.

©Joe Wilson – Something isn’t right…2017

Violent consequences…

On a day like today
On just such a day
Happiness was ripped right from her
Her life was never to be the same
He’d cruelly, viciously raped her
All part of his violent game.

Tossed out now, she felt so ashamed
Her life now would always be framed
For she was his latest victim
And forever she would always be
She walked now in the shadows
So no one but no one could see.

Yet why was it she who was chosen
On that her thoughts were just frozen
For what had she done that was wrong
She’d just taken a foolish chance
She was lonely and she’d wanted romance
Now her heart would never again dance.

The pills they now beckoned
At least twenty she reckoned
As she now slipped to endless sleep
A victim of that man
Her secret she’d keep
He’d just carry on with is violent plan.

©Joe Wilson – Violent consequences…2017

No woman on Earth should suffer so…