A Summer love…


Browning now and soon to fall
No longer Spring when first you’d call
Each year I wait for your return
When thus my stomach starts to churn.

For with you came my love to me
A Summer love so filled and free
And as the Autumn came and went
You left and our love seemed all spent.

As Winter comes to freeze my bones
I walk among the graveyard stones
And wait for Spring to see again
Your flowers that bring me such pain.

Yet once more the Spring arrived
And flowers bloomed and some just thrived
But you had not a bud this year
My love has left for good I fear.

©Joe Wilson – A Summer love…2017

Who is really ignorant…


Once again daylight brought no relief
Their hopes, now shattered, soon turn to grief
Famine they’d known, but none such as this
Crops lying withered by a hard sunshine’s kiss.
People lay down sometimes never to rise
Rain still refusing to fall from the skies
Anguish was etched on young mothers’ faces
Death making visits to so many places.

Save the Children and then The Red Cross
Struggling so hard to temper the loss
The climate is changing but who gives a toss
Big business and bottom lines just please the boss!

Our air is polluted but it can be undone
A willingness for change from everyone
The polluters are us in our wondrous First World
But the poverty elsewhere has cruelly unfurled.
The death knell now sounds in faraway lands
People are suffering yet don’t understand
For they do no harm to the rich life on Earth
But many will die and become part of it’s dearth.

©Joe Wilson – Who is really ignorant…2017

The arrogance of man…(A sonnet)

Ridded was he now of his once giant ego
Sorrow and regret walked by his side
All that he had ever truly been
And worn with pointless, arrogant pride
Was cast away from him in anguish
As overwhelmed so completely, he cried.
And as he walked among the gravestones
He once again sensed the futility of war.
A warm breeze blew through the damp jungle
Where once he had fought and survived
He is here to honour platoon mates
Whose futures were so surely deprived.
Yet still to the North of this sad place
The ego of man threatens us all once more.

©Joe Wilson – The arrogance of man…2017