Nowhere to hide…


Slowly she trudges along a scar-filled road
Water carrier on her back, a heavy load
So many are children who fetch water each day
Large numbers orphans, too traumatised to play.
There’s nary a one who’s not lost someone
A mother, a father, a brother now gone.
And still the war rages, eight long years now
A break out to the West to survival somehow
But yet we reject them, born out of our fears
So many we turn back to a life of more tears.

Solutions, where are they, leaders stay quiet
They say there’s no answer, the world doesn’t buy it
Stop selling them weapons and bombing for them
At least let the children have peace for a stem.
Corruption, at the heart of all this warfare
The inconvenient displaced face a life of despair
They have nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
Now refugees fleeing, swept along with the tide.

An unseen truth is plain in all this
In the West we don’t notice and ignorance is bliss
We too have our problems and turn a blind eye
The water carrier children wait for bombs from the sky.

©Joe Wilson – Nowhere to hide…2018

It is truly better…


Will all gone
Defeated, alone
He trudged along life’s path
With an air of despondency.

Little ever lifted his spirits.

And so it was when he met
Or rather crashed into
She who would change his life

Not for a moment
Could he have imagined
The effect she would have.
Not for a moment
Could he have imagined
That he would have such fortune.

She was everything
And his heart filled
Sometimes so full
He thought that it would burst.

He was a changed man
Nothing could or would
Ever be the same again.
How could it – he’d found love.

She was so kind and loving
Strong when he felt fragile
Gentle when he was sad
Always thinking just of him
She picked him up when times were bad.

Truly she was his miracle cure
He was a better man for her
And despondency left his life for good
She almost made him purr.

And then she died
He was lonely
Unhappiness returned
But he remembers now
All those happy times
And despondency is spurned.

It is truly better to have loved…

©Joe Wilson – It is truly better…2018