The mirror image…


How drunk he sounds
As his raucous bellow
Echoes across the courtyard.
Never one to hold his tongue
He shouts at the wind
That in his drunken stupor
Has once again
Blown off his foolish hat.

Another time, long ago
He was a different man
Holding all things dear and close
Yet fate, that most fickle lady
Saw fit to take that from him
That was most precious
And now he does battle
He does battle with the very elements
For there is nothing left – but sorrow.

And when he looks in a mirror
He sees the horror
Of that which he has become
And he sees – me.

©Joe Wilson – The mirror image…2018

Community life…




How loud the bells from our church steeple
Summon by technology the faithful people
For natural bells have long stayed silent
Cracked by years of strikes quite violent.

And locals gather on the village green
To walk their dogs, a joyful scene
Some buds already poking out
Suggest that Winter’s lost her clout.

Yet one’s not fooled by scenes less hoary
Winter still may hold more fury
Cold will strike the foolish unwrapped
And wind can make one’s face feel slapped.

These strange sweet days play year on year
In village life that’s calm and dear
So very lucky we therefore feel
To some perhaps it seems unreal.

Yet not too smug should one thus feel
At scenes as these that so appeal
For other places bear much strife
And so one feels blessed with this life.

©Joe Wilson – Community life…2018

That look…


He looked at him
With those dark doleful eyes
A look of patience across his face
Or was that imagined!
No matter which way he looked
Those eyes seemed to follow him
His need held no disguise.

Yet was so tired
He ached all over from sweeping
The old rheumatics playing up.
But he knew he’d give in
That he would be happy to
That he too needed such upkeeping.

So, getting the lead, he whistled
‘All right boy, let’s go for that walk.’

©Joe Wilson – That look…2018

A personal viewpoint…

With hope
And good cheer
I look out
At a future
That some already
Call dystopian…
It isn’t!
Yet care is needed.
Political swipes
I’m sure I’ll make
The government
Deserves it
For goodness sake
And tears I’ll shed
When I see the poor
For wealth ain’t divided
To equal the score.
My bit will be done
I’ll pay my way
And in return
I’ll have my say.

Yet life can offer
Big surprises
Which sometimes come
In odd disguises
So I am not
Bereft of hope
Life is hard
But most will cope.
But hearts and minds
Still need to change
A simple thing
Not really strange.
A world without
Such bigotry
A human race
In dignity.
We should bear
Such things in mind
This better world
Would then be

©Joe Wilson – A personal viewpoint…2018

tusque sit, alieno tempore…

He sat quietly in the corner
No longer wishing to be disturbed
Reflecting on how things had recently gone
And frankly, he was quite perturbed.

It had shown great promise in early heady days
Ebullience had filled him with joy
But as events had slowly unwrapped themselves
He felt like some battered envoy.

Explosions and killing, poverty and hunger
Were the lot of so many across nations
And soldiers again fighting for political whores
To spend their last years in sad recuperation.

Yet the miracle of birth still took place throughout
A joy to behold worldwide
He hoped they’d grow up into healthy young souls
Who’d try to stop this growing dark tide.

So it came to an end as always it did
The bells would strike twice after ten
Then he’d rise and put on his greatcoat
Through the door and not seen again.

As he leaves a bright young thing enters
Full of hope as once he’d been too
The world though is in a difficult state
So this year, she has much to do!

©Joe Wilson – tusque sit, alieno tempore…2018