Just as the weatherman had said
It had been a gloriously hot May
And they had spent it together in bliss
Not to miss a single beautiful day.
Lovemaking, talking and simply looking
Together as one nothing else was there
It was a dream come true they both knew
And they loved through May without a care.

But – it wasn’t real, a dream at most
A figment of his sad imagined life
A memory of a time so long ago
Before the time he’d lost his beloved wife.

He sometimes thinks he’d save his tortured soul
And end what is for him a living death
But she would never want for him that end
So he’ll die this way until his final breath.

©Joe Wilson – Alone…2019

Alive and well…


Where did those halcyon days all go
That promise of so much was so bright
Where others seemed stuck in darkest drear
We laughed and headed straight for the light.

And found it we did in each other’s arms
My luck still holds true on that score
I think I was just treading water
In the life that existed before.

The body gets weary with ageing
The mind a little slower perhaps
But the light that still courses through the body
Burns bright and is yet ready for more laps.

We do not grow old until we let our mind convince us
that the spark of youthfulness has finally burnt out.

©Joe Wilson – Alive and well…2019