Long term lunacy…


I took a pill for that today
And another I took for this
I took another for something else
That one I’m not supposed to miss.
Some I’ve taken for thirty years
I’m settled at fifteen a day
I wonder how much good they do
I don’t know, who can say?

And then we have – the side effects
We don’t like to mention those
We take other pills to counter them
Which have side effects too I suppose.

The question is ‘who really wins here?’
The patient who’s all but forgotten
Or perhaps it’s only Big Pharma
Whose ethics are frequently rotten.
Of course we are always making decisions
Should I take these, maybe, but not take those
It’s a choice we don’t often consider
Maybe now it’s time that I chose.

©Joe Wilson – Long term lunacy…2019

Wasted lives…


Yet manfully they went to war
Sent off by the political whore
How red the fields now filled with blood
Laid down their lives, it did no good.
Their lives now lost, they are no more
Wretched souls that fared so poor
No more to open their front door
Now lying buried in coffin wood
Yet manfully they went.
And still young ones go as before
They never even up the score
And poppies grow where soldiers stood
In truth it’s where they all still should
What were they really fighting for!
Yet manfully they went.

©Joe Wilson – Wasted lives…2019

Why I chose to write this in Rondeau form I can’t really say. It just came out that way.

The pointlessness of it…


The haunting refrain of the old church bell
Was at odds to the din being made down below
Yet its purity of sound soon got lost in the wind
As the now late old sinner lost his blood in the snow.

He was just a street man with no one to care
His life had been ruined by cheap booze and drugs
And he now lay all stiff and so cold in the dark
This soul had been kicked at and stabbed by young thugs.

The police had been called and the Sarge shook her head
At the waste and how savage was such crime
As yet another soul had departed this life
And for what! There’s no reason or rhyme.

Yet still the sound of the haunting old bell
Echoes forlornly o’er the quiet dark town
And the chances of finding those guilty this time
So unlikely as police numbers keep going down.

Totally unmissed
No one to care
Dead on a corner
Utter despair!

©Joe Wilson – The pointlessness of it…2019

That which is important…

Low expectations
On a miserable day
Lost his position
They’ve been made to pay.
His company’s folly
Expansion they’d said
The deal though, fell through
Now the jobs are all dead.

It was then that he saw them
Playing around in the park
A mother and her child
Just having a lark
It brightened his day
Well how could it not
Making him thankful
For all that he’d got.

He walked over to them
Got into their space
The woman turned to him
Got into his face
Put her hands on his shoulders
And melted his heart
For she was his wife
His most important part.

The day just got better
Not so miserable now
There was other employment
He’d find it somehow.
But family was precious
To him it was all
And he’d never leave them
They made him feel tall.

©Joe Wilson – That which is important…2019