It still seems strange walking into the living room
And seeing that there is nobody there
It isn’t really a living room in this house anymore
Just a space through which I sometimes veer.
A log fire that I never now light for just myself
And a basket of logs sits waiting – just waiting
It’s an lifeless room just like the rest are
We often sat in there just – debating.

A kitchen we’d just had renewed last year
Yet no-one to cook for anymore
Barely a pan gets dirty these days
Unused I just wipe off dust haze.
There’s an almost empty fridge there too
The food keeps getting thrown out
I haven’t got used yet to buying less
My mind is just so full of doubt.

And a bed that now feels so empty
Where once she lay in my arms
A wardrobe of clothes I can’t yet remove
And jewellery and bracelets with charms.
Though fifty years is a long time to love
Not a second of it would I give up
And I would live every second again
For mine was an always filled cup.

©JoeW – Recollections…2021

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