Far too many guns…

He didn’t know the victim
In fact they’d never met
Their ideas though, were as different
As it was possible to ever get.

The victim had always worked so hard
And had had a degree of success
He lived his life in a low-key way
And was happy in his comfortable mess.

The shooter had always worked hard too
But success had passed him by
He never seemed to do much good
No matter the different things he’d try.

And thus they stood there face to face
The bitterness pouring off one
He took his aim at his victim
Pulled the trigger and then he was gone.

Another pointless killing
Of an innocent man in a street
The killer just taking out his vengeance
On the first man he chanced to meet.

Such is life in this so modern world
Where guns outnumber their control
When being alone in the wrong place
Can see your body get parted from your soul…

©Joe Wilson – Far too many guns…2015

Then came the silence…

The East was at war with the West
Along with many of the rest
The North was in conflict with the South
Who had so little water or food for their mouth’.
Very soon guns were pointing to the West
Yet others were turned facing East
For those who were selling weapons
It was a killing-hardware feast.

And when all of the fighting was over and done
There was no more war, and no fear
The world had been turned to a graveyard
With no one to shed but a tear
As the final missile landed and blew
Not a soul was left living to hear.

©Joe Wilson – Then came the silence…2015