A new kind of Autumn

Darkness came

Autumn descended

Brightness left

Summer ended.

The virus lingered

People were dying

Autumn this year

Has many crying.

The third act in the year

Such bright red hue

This year – Corona

And the two metre queue.

With no end in sight

People are frustrated

Millions in lockdown

Truly deflated.

©Joe Wilson – A new kind of Autumn…2020

Unmonitored Courage

It was so hard to tell what was being said
The nurse was completely covered
Her voice so distorted through the mask she wore
She was his saviour, into her hands his life he’d put.
And through it all he wrestled with his guilt
The disease he’d caught on holiday with friends
Some of whom no longer lived as he now seemed
He hoped he hadn’t passed it on as seemed the trend.

Nurses, doctors, cleaners too, all played a part in caring
He was amazed at courage that’s never shown to us
How close they monitor each slightest change in him
And others too, they tend them all without a fuss.
And some of them, so close to this such dire threat
Still will come to work amidst such death
And suffer too a fate so awful to us all
As they as angels take their final breath.

And so it goes
And so it goes
Some things are that deadly.

©Joe Wilson – Unmonitored Courage…2020

This is not any kind of ode…

Why do we put power into the hands of fools? They buy their way in in the main of course, but we in turn vote for them. What reckless fools are we! If we look at the countries currently being led by women it becomes clear that they have a far, far better grip on the realities of coronavirus than those being led by bull-headed and sometimes terrifying men. Germany, New Zealand, Iceland, Taiwan, Finland, Norway and Denmark are all handling the crisis far better than the UK, America, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, India, The Philippines, Hungary, not forgetting Israel either. Their approach has been honest for a start, they have been swift to act, and they have been decisive. We have still much to learn about this terrible virus and these women leaders seem more open to understanding this and wiser in their sharing knowledge with those who they care for.

For far too long women have not been encouraged in any number into the decision making process of leadership roles. It is a terrible shame that it takes a crisis such as this to show quite clearly that women are more than up to the challenge.

The Mounting Toll…


Where walkest thou My Father
In this the dark of night
I go to watch the pain of man
As some give up their deathly fight.
This virus spread so far and wide
The rich, the poor, all suffer
And only keeping far apart
Can act as lifeline’s buffer.
For this they were so unprepared
Their futures now uncertain
And while some leaders babble on
So many face that final curtain.
Cynicism and conspiracy
All are cast about
Yet when the lonely coffins burn
The weasel words mean nowt.

©Joe Wilson – The mounting toll…2020


It’s hard to overestimate the danger
Like a ripple in the way it has spread
And for all of the rings in the ripple
Dozens more people may be dead.

Looking now out of my front window
As I have done so many times before
The view, though no less pleasant
Seems blighted by that lock on the door.

Oh we both attend our small garden
A pleasure not enjoyed by some
But there’s no longer any point to a party
When you can’t invite people to come.

And the collie he sits by the roadside
A pathetic and lonely strange sight
He waits for his kind caring master
Who’ll now never come home tonight.

Moving through the air totally unseen
It infects everything that it hits
And the lives affected by this virus
End up broken and lying in bits.

©Joe Wilson – Covid-19…2020

Diminishing congregations…


The old church bell tolled mournfully
It was calling the faithful once more
But fewer and fewer believers
Take a pew after passing through the door.

A dire situation in the old village church
Now worshippers are but a few
The vicar has a trio of churches to tend
But very soon that may fall to just two.

There are many ways to practice religion
Not all are inside God’s house
But if congregations don’t soon increase
There’ll be nought but the old church mouse.

©Joe Wilson – Diminishing congregations…2020

Old friends…

…he put away the whiskey bottle
a constant companion for a few years
he’d developed a liking for sour mash
but it was choking his internal gears.

There was no chance of him needing the twelve steps
But he was wary of danger nonetheless
That was one thing he wouldn’t slide into
Though it could have been easy he’d confess.

Black coffee, the saviour for so many
It can bring you back from the brink
It clears the head with its caffeine-born taste
And allows that now clear head to think.

©Joe Wilson – Old friends…2020

huddled over in tears…

…huddled over in tears
was he weeping for himself
or was he weeping for all
the undernourished children in the world
or perhaps for all the women
so brutally treated throughout the globe.
Or was he really weeping
because he’d never in his miserable life
lifted a single finger to help.
Or was he weeping because of how
he now judged himself?
For that can be the harshest judgment of all.

©Joe Wilson – huddled over in tears…2020


He couldn’t sleep – again

It had been a long time since he’d sat here
And fine cobwebs now criss-crossed his desk.
He dusted his black swivel chair and sat down
At the same time brushing aside the sticky grey fronds.

He thought the urge to write something had left him
And yet take up his pen once more he did.
He let all the words tumble out as fast as his pen gave up its ink
Like an eerie, strange and enchanted dance in the burlesque
As page after page of endless writing flowed
None of it making any sense or reason
Until suddenly –
his hand stopped and he wrote no more, he’d finished.
And looking at the hundred or so pages he realised
He realised just what grief looked like.
He wept and left his study in mind-numbing sorrow.

He would wait for that elusive sunrise
That brought the brighter tomorrow.

©Joe Wilson – Grief…2019