A bad day…

Today was a very bad day for me, didn’t leave my bed till two-thirty in the afternoon

I got in my Beemer and went for a drive, couldn’t get out of the house too soon

Days like this are not so frequent, but they ache when they hit me in the heart

You get advice from many folks, they forget to tell you that part.

I miss the gentle cuddles you know, just the feel of her soft skin

The Aromatics Elixir perfume she wore, a little on her arm drew me in

The chats that we had over coffee, I sure do miss her easy way

Coffee hasn’t really tasted the same, not since that awful November day.

It’s been almost a year, I still stare at the walls, the dusting sure ain’t getting done

Twenty twenty-one is like last year, a horror show that’s been very short of fun

And loneliness seems so complete at times, you hide it as best as you can

But it grips at night when you try to sleep, when you become just a sad lonely man. 


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