A lonely furrow to heartache…


It’s a dark and lonely road he walks
Full of silence and bitter regret
He knows he should have worked it out
But he wasn’t ready for solutions yet.
So in his dark and moody frame
You see a man of stubborn will
Who couldn’t admit that he was wrong
And one can see his dark mood still.

Some men will never say they’re wrong
They never bend or even bow
Perhaps they think they look less strong
Admitting that shows strength somehow.
So lonely furrowed path he ploughs
His pride won’t let him work things through
Yet all that lies ahead for him
Is sadness now he misses you.

And from the side-lines I must watch
He’d brook no fool advice from me
I see them both be-dogged by pain
Regretting all that there could be.
But wait – I see him turn and look
With love-filled eyes at she who wept
Maybe there’s hope of rescue yet
As he perhaps takes that first step.

©Joe Wilson – A lonely furrow to heartache…2016

Lauds…(the 2nd morning)

In life as in so many things
Mercy needs angelic wings.
Forgiveness, the rarest gift.

Could we all not better choose
Those who sadly, often lose.
Forgiveness, the rarest gift.

Mercy needs angelic wings
A darker soul yet sometimes sings.
Forgiveness, the rarest gift.

Those who sadly, often lose
Fail to see the hidden clues.
Forgiveness, the rarest gift.

A darker soul yet sometimes sings
A peace will fall as new day brings.
Forgiveness, the rarest gift.

And God will watch and study all
To see what madness will befall.
Forgiveness, the rarest gift.

A peace will fall as new day brings
In life as in so many things.
Forgiveness, the rarest gift.

©Joe Wilson – Lauds…(2nd morning)…2016

Beyond a title…

Help earth_edited

In these modern, bitter, violent wars
Where none at all shall ever win
Words that once came from the cross
Though oft repeated wear so thin.
Yet once more I beg You listen
I supplicate with eyes that glisten
And begging in sorrow I ask of You
Forgive us Lord
      for we know not what we do.

©Joe Wilson – Beyond a title…2015

Ezra’s final conversation…

Ezra cried out,
‘Lord, where art thou in my hour of need?’

Silence prevailed.

‘Lord, canst thou give unto me no succour?’

Silence prevailed.

Ezra in desperate straits
His future in the hand of Fates
Tries and fails to escape their claws
For evil is there chosen course.

Ezra cried out,
‘Lord, why dost thou make my life so hard?’

Silence prevailed.

‘Lord, why am I so tested?’


Ezra fights against his foe
The pride that he has come to know
He fights against with all his might
And wins, and moves his sin from sight.

Ezra cried out,
‘Lord, thou truly art a sly old thing.’

Silence prevailed.

‘Lord, I hear thy angels sing.’

‘Lord, thou hast helped me yet again.’


Ezra smiled.
Ezra slept.

©Joe Wilson – Ezra’s final conversation…2015

Teenage boys can be cruel


Sometimes we return to long ago conversations
where more than cross words were uttered
where protagonists squared up to one another
and arguments and insults were uttered.

And when with the benefit of hindsight,
that most magical and wondrous thing
we realise often how wrong we were
and the knowledge of embarrassments sting.

If we could just take back those words
that were aimed to wound so deep
knowing how they’d hit their mark
and said to make someone weep.

In those teenage years, how cruel we were
how very little of life we knew
how gentle and forgiving our heart’s desire
how slow the understanding – in young men grew.

I’m now a man – three score and five
a man who love has touched so deep
but I colour now as I think back
at my cruelty then and I want to weep.

For almost fifty years I’ve loved just one
kindness flows through her every pore
I’ve strived to make up for those teenage years
and she just smiles and then loves me more.

My luck has held, we’ve stayed the course
I pinch myself to check I can still feel
and she looks and smiles at me and I know
it’s not a dream and it’s still real.

©Joe Wilson – Teenage boys can be cruel 2014



the acid just burns away at your guts
it is the commonest feature of bile
it grabs at the chest and causes such pain
from carrying the hatred all that while.

it was carried about for so many years
and it tore at the heart feelings too
leaving a husk that was almost burnt out
and inside that husk – there is you.

such bitter thoughts have followed you
and anger at what they had done
so now you’ve returned for what purpose
– to finish what they had begun?

they thought they’d done right, they were wrong
they exiled you once – and will again
for the genes that run right through your bloodline
make you different to all other men.

try forgiveness – they’ve ignorance on their side
but you’re an intellect with no such excuse
one man turned his face against such menace once
and showed courage in the face of abuse.

let go of the anger that’s within you
or ignorance will win – yet again
for it will always fall to the wisest
to stand up to malevolent men.

©Joe Wilson – wisdom 2014