the acid just burns away at your guts
it is the commonest feature of bile
it grabs at the chest and causes such pain
from carrying the hatred all that while.

it was carried about for so many years
and it tore at the heart feelings too
leaving a husk that was almost burnt out
and inside that husk – there is you.

such bitter thoughts have followed you
and anger at what they had done
so now you’ve returned for what purpose
– to finish what they had begun?

they thought they’d done right, they were wrong
they exiled you once – and will again
for the genes that run right through your bloodline
make you different to all other men.

try forgiveness – they’ve ignorance on their side
but you’re an intellect with no such excuse
one man turned his face against such menace once
and showed courage in the face of abuse.

let go of the anger that’s within you
or ignorance will win – yet again
for it will always fall to the wisest
to stand up to malevolent men.

©Joe Wilson – wisdom 2014

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