Love will always win…

I saved my childish heart for you
and luckily for me you took it
our life of glorious ups and ups
across the world or just next door
I would never have wanted anyone else
I couldn’t have loved you more.

Who could ever imagine
how amazing a person could be
the goodness and love you’ve given
you’ve given only to me
and why I ask was I ere so blessed
we make our choice with a heart that’s free.

There are times even now when I catch
my breath and feel a wonderful sigh
of contentment at my very full glass
and I smile as I think of my riches
it’s as if I’d been given all of that bread
and eaten all of those fishes.

After these thoughts my pains just ease
I’ll deal with those another day
and in your beauty I will bide
I’ll not change a single thing
but listen to your beating heart
and hear my own heart sing.


©Joe Wilson – Love will always win…2014

Your Freedom Was My Redemption…

You flew away
You flew away

In that last photograph I’m transported back
To a time when there wasn’t pain for you to bear
To the time before you felt you had to go.

And when at length I dry my eyes you are no longer there.

Where have you gone?
Where are you now?
Why did I hurt you?
Why did you go?

How could I have treated you so ill that you would leave!
How did I become so foolish that I was last one to know!

The days have since become a blur
In my rage I drink and curse
Perhaps I now see what you saw
Or maybe you saw worse.

I hope you’re happy where you are
You deserved much more than me
I cannot ever forgive myself
My redemption is that you’re free.

©Joe Wilson – Your Freedom Was My Redemption…2014