Your Freedom Was My Redemption…

You flew away
You flew away

In that last photograph I’m transported back
To a time when there wasn’t pain for you to bear
To the time before you felt you had to go.

And when at length I dry my eyes you are no longer there.

Where have you gone?
Where are you now?
Why did I hurt you?
Why did you go?

How could I have treated you so ill that you would leave!
How did I become so foolish that I was last one to know!

The days have since become a blur
In my rage I drink and curse
Perhaps I now see what you saw
Or maybe you saw worse.

I hope you’re happy where you are
You deserved much more than me
I cannot ever forgive myself
My redemption is that you’re free.

©Joe Wilson – Your Freedom Was My Redemption…2014

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