Prideful consequences…

I gaze from my window at mid-Autumn sunshine
A breeze lifting those few leaves that still cling on
And I think back to the times that I spent with you
Just memories now, for you’ve gone.

And every flower that stood so proud
In the garden we both grew and cherished
Has fallen now to the chill of the frost
And the fruits on the trees are but perished.

I think that they miss you as I do now
If they could they surely would wonder
How foolish is man who drives such a wedge
That sends love away like a loud bark of thunder.

Here now as the cold has settled itself in
Self-pity takes a hold as it will
For each blames the other for this wrong, or that
Yet each loves the other so very much still.

So you went and I fear that I drove you
I was foolish and prideful and wrong
And now on my own with my pity
I realise alone I’m not strong.

Slowly the leaves have now fallen to ground
Soon the winter will start to take hold
I’ll do anything to win back your heart
So our memories won’t die in the cold.

©Joe Wilson – Prideful consequences…2016


Recall a memory and have a smile
Shuffle off the tragic thoughts for a while
And open up your mind to joy
Feelings these days you don’t employ.
For you can see such times you laughed
Till sadness swept through like a draught
But happy memories can yet sustain
A heart that feels so riven with pain.

A holiday snap in Trearddur Bay
Everyone laughing, such a wonderful day
Where happiness spread through childish fun
A good time enjoyed by everyone.
Such thoughts I’ll hold for evermore
I was so lucky, of that I’m sure.

©Joe Wilson – Memories…2016

It was such a great holiday.

I choose life…

Poised between the choice to die
The choice to find that one
Who never should have gone.
To care for her in that other life
Supposedly promised to us all
Should we choose to tread a path
Which follows in the wake – of goodness.

And the choice to live
To live among those who are left
Left behind to mourn and weep.
Those whose needs are pressing
Those whose needs are alive.

I hold my memories so very dear
Of missing a one who still seems near
But yet —– I choose life!
For that which will become
If it is so…as we are promised
Will indeed come soon enough
And my time will in due course come.
But not yet…not yet.

And I would not sully – such a beautiful memory.

©Joe Wilson – I choose life…2016

The bullet…

That day yet rests heavy upon my mind
For I was one they chose to fire the shot
Yet in the intervening years since then
No night has passed me by where I forgot.
A guilty man was he, and dangerous too
Got every chance in a trial so fairly driven
The panel’s verdict, the only right outcome
No quarter asked for and none was given.

To think such men are volunteers
Is a view that only politicians would portray
You only get one choice to do the ending deed
And they let you know, you’re through if you walk away.

A bullet you never see is loaded for you
And all you have to do
……………………………….is remember…

©Joe Wilson – The bullet…2015

And as I wander…

…and as I wandered through my mind
cluttered with memories of every kind
I smiled whenever I thought of you
the things we shared,
the love that grew.

…but time has caught us up at last
those memories all are in the past
yet still I smile at thoughts of you
loving our children
as they both grew.

…and when you ail I cannot bear
your being in pain that I can’t pare
yet as you smile to guide me through
I’d not survive
had I not you.

…as we’ve grown older our love remains
passionate as ever despite life’s strains
love is the greatest gift twixt two
I found life’s gift
when I found you…

©Joe Wilson – And as I wander…2015


I thought I had passed this way often before
there were things I absolutely recalled
things that stirred in me old treasured memories
feelings that had previously left me enthralled.

And of course I had, for love is just like that
each memory is a memory to enjoy and repeat
the love that stands by you and with you each day
will also make memories that make one complete.

All through these years of a life filled with love
one person has stood by my oft foolish side
and as memories come flooding back from long years ago
the woman still here now then stood as my bride.

We pursued life together and our memories are shared
a life spent without her I couldn’t possibly have taken
and though now with age our passion grows gentler
our love for each other is as ever unshaken.


©Joe Wilson – Reflections 2014