I thought I had passed this way often before
there were things I absolutely recalled
things that stirred in me old treasured memories
feelings that had previously left me enthralled.

And of course I had, for love is just like that
each memory is a memory to enjoy and repeat
the love that stands by you and with you each day
will also make memories that make one complete.

All through these years of a life filled with love
one person has stood by my oft foolish side
and as memories come flooding back from long years ago
the woman still here now then stood as my bride.

We pursued life together and our memories are shared
a life spent without her I couldn’t possibly have taken
and though now with age our passion grows gentler
our love for each other is as ever unshaken.


©Joe Wilson – Reflections 2014

2 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. sue marquis bishop

    I loved the expressions here. So nice. Just visited again to re-read. Sue

    1. Thank you Sue. My wife and I have married for over four decsdes. Writing about how much I love her comes easy. I find it much more difficult to write about other things. ❤

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