It can be mended…

Would that I could lift a heart
That’s fallen to the floor
That I could love and cherish it
For now and evermore.

Would that I could do that small thing
Before my frail heart breaks
Please let me do that caring thing
In love for both our sakes.

No words you need to utter here
Yet silent you’re torn apart
So I will bend and pick it up
And mend your broken heart.

©Joe Wilson – It can be mended…2016

Silently in love…


Silence is the killer
It slowly breaks you up
It says so much in nothing
It drains the loving cup.
It makes the days seem endless
It makes the nights so dark
It makes what’s living seem so dead
It takes away the spark.

And yet, there is a silence
Twixt lovers like me and you
That simply fills with love unique
Like that between us two.

For us there is no hollow
No void that can’t be reached
Our love fills all the spaces
And not a drop has leeched.

©Joe Wilson – Silently in love…2015

The silence…

I ache to hold you in my arms, my love you are divine
To quietly reassure you, that all will soon be fine
And fill your head and heart with hope, for that would seem so kind.

But life can be quite cruel at times, as you my love have found
And though I tell you of my love, you cannot hear a sound
We will not quit, we’ll persevere, we beat it to the ground.

Darling one day, it will return, you’ll, hear the blackbirds sing
And you will then move on my love, from this, so silent Spring
The Summer will be warm and kind, and music it will bring

©Joe Wilson – The silence…2015

This is for my beloved wife.