My many coloured life…

Of unknown origin
Of unknown origin

Colour me brown for the woods I played in as a boy
For the bow and arrows I used for a toy
For the friends and the fun and the unfettered joy.

Colour me beige for my calm and neutral look at life
The nothingness that could have been spread with a knife
The colour I felt before I loved my wife.

Colour me green for the nature that surrounds
For the children we had and their ever happy sounds
For the promise that their future hopes abound.

Colour me cream for your quiet elegant ways
That fill my life with beautiful days
The joy of being in a life-long phase.

Colour me blue for the truth you speak
For the trust you gave when my life was bleak
For the quiet solitude we sometimes seek.

Colour me pink for the true love you give
For the beauty of each and every day that we live
For the small thoughtless sins that you always forgive.

Colour me red for the passion we still feel
For each other a passion that is still very real
For the hearts that we tied with an emotional seal.

Colour me purple for the compassion you hold
For the sensitive spirits that with you unfold
For the judgement and dreams that help me feel bold.

Colour me yellow for the wisdom you set free
For the knowledge I learnt so empowering to see
For the sunshine in your heart saved especially for me.

Colour me all the colours so magnificently
You gave to me life far far less ordinary
You gave me your love and you showed to me…me.

©Joe Wilson – My many coloured life…2014

We just keep going

Power of Words

Wasted moments ere we tarry
Time  not always on our side
Making plans but not completing
They get swallowed in the tide.

Of life that seems to sweep before us
Courage fails to stir our soul
Ideas falling by the wayside
Stay the hand from touching goal.

And chance may come to make our mark
We reach to grasp the offered boon
By working hard for gifts so rare
Success may come, but not too soon.

And so we plough the furrow long
All working at our chosen craft
The joy of being published shines
Especially if you’ve next work’s draft.

©Joe Wilson –  2014



the acid just burns away at your guts
it is the commonest feature of bile
it grabs at the chest and causes such pain
from carrying the hatred all that while.

it was carried about for so many years
and it tore at the heart feelings too
leaving a husk that was almost burnt out
and inside that husk – there is you.

such bitter thoughts have followed you
and anger at what they had done
so now you’ve returned for what purpose
– to finish what they had begun?

they thought they’d done right, they were wrong
they exiled you once – and will again
for the genes that run right through your bloodline
make you different to all other men.

try forgiveness – they’ve ignorance on their side
but you’re an intellect with no such excuse
one man turned his face against such menace once
and showed courage in the face of abuse.

let go of the anger that’s within you
or ignorance will win – yet again
for it will always fall to the wisest
to stand up to malevolent men.

©Joe Wilson – wisdom 2014