I’m about here.

In the scheme of things many people would consider me to be quite a poor man, well perhaps not too well off should we say. I’ve had many health issues in the last few years, and was really forced into early retirement, much against my will and judgment. There were many times when I felt very sorry for myself and I was very depressed for a while. I got over that by writing poetry. It helped me to say things I wouldn’t normally voice. I know my poems are far from being of epic quality, though I have had a few published, but the important thing is that far from being depressed now, I found that getting all that rubbish off my chest helped it disappear. I write a little too. Never underestimate the power of expressing your thoughts. The way you do it is for you to decide.

With a family who care about me, who have helped me when I was ill and down, and who love me precisely because I am me, I feel very lucky.

I have books, both physical and ebooks, music that is both physical and streamed via the internet, and some amazingly nice and interesting people I’ve come into contact with using social media platforms. I encounter birds and wildlife, that is always there wherever I travel. I have a wonderful wife, fabulous children and grandchildren, a brother and a sister who I love, and some lovely friends.

Actually, I’m rich. I’m more rich than I could ever have imagined possible. For that I am very happy and very grateful in equal measure.


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