A Life…and no regret. (updated)

I have made an old journey again this week
I’ve made it right back through my childhood
I’ve done it in music, it is the best way.
The memories remain and are still sharp today.

I grew up listening to Johnny Otis and Clyde McPhatter
Johnny Ray, Little Richard, I much preferred the latter.

I was a child in the fifties, a teen in the sixties
Now I’m in my sixties but my head’s twenty two.

You never forget, but you shouldn’t grow old
Stay with your soul but always be bold
Live for the moment, say how you feel
Most people agree, but are scared and appeal.

Live for the moment, live for the now
Always look forward and never look back
Keep thinking those young thoughts
And just don’t take the flack.

©Joe Wilson – A life…and no regret…2013

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