I remember how you gave your heart
Wrapped up in a kiss and a sigh
You loved me with your passion
Did I really, really try!

I think I did, I think I did.

And yet your love, amazing love
It never ever waned
You always gave me all your heart
And I never saw your pain.

I was always looking the other way.

I could never bear my company
But I find myself alone
With guilt that I cannot forgive
For sins I can’t atone.

I will go unredeemed unto death.


OUR LOVE – A sonnet

A Pink Rose

Just the faintest touch of sunshine
And another day began
Twenty-four beautiful hours that make
A day-long wondrous span
With seven of these together
A week is made each time
The weeks will then turn into months
Each twelve will make a year
And in every one of those with you
I hope my love was clear
For the rising every morning
Would be nothing if you weren’t there
I’m so happy that you found me
And we’ve had such love to share.