Molly wanted for absolutely nothing,
And that was definitely my fault
She’d not accept the worth of the less wealthy
And when she saw them she was difficult.

I never told how I’d started with nothing
Not wanting her derision I guess
I’d thought that by not telling her that stuff
She’d not decide to think me any less.

It was a foolish error on my part
For she rode roughshod over the poor
Till I found I could tolerate it no longer
Removed her allowance and the key to her door.

I said you’ll have to fend for yourself now
If you do it you’ll be better by far
Oh, and take all those things out of your pocket
That’s your phone, and you’ll not have a car.

Downcast she set off on her own way
Cast a look at me, I nearly cried
I’d keep an eye out of course and protect her
But she needed to have worked and have tried.

Two years passed and she found her rock-bottom
But she started to work and she grew
I said to her would you like to come home now
She said she’d stay where she was…thank you.

Fact is, Molly’s lost now forever
She’d survived and she picked herself up
But if I’d raised her right in the first place
She have known about sharing the cup.

So in the end I stand with my great wealth
But with no one to share it with now
If you want to know how not to raise children
Come to me and I’ll show you how.


Fortunately, for my part, this is a work of complete fiction.

Hallo! There’s Someone In My Head.

I was thinking about mother this morning have recently read a beautiful poem by @maxmillerpoetry, I decided to reblog this one for that reason.

Jovis on a Journey...

I’m just sitting here, inside this shell
The feeling’s returned that I know so well
I need to do such a natural thing
But I cannot move, nor even ring
Out to anyone who goes by
And they will not look me in the eye.
I wonder if they wonder, if I have a brain
Obviously I have!! Or I’d not feel the pain
Not the hurt from the bones that are crooked and bent
But the being ignored: as if my life meant …. NOTHING.
In time they will wheel me off to the place
That sharpest reminder to me of disgrace
Then they’ll clean me and dry me, and put me to bed
I could easily give up and wish myself dead
But I am important; if only to me
So I’ll sit here and watch, and hope things will be.
One day, perhaps, the ill will subside

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My Family

I do not know as fine a girl
Except of course her mother
Nor yet know I a finer man
Than he who is her brother.

Their mother gave her love to me
I keep it in my heart
It warms me up on lonely nights
If ever we’re apart.

Our girl and boy moved far away
But love binds us so tight
And when we meet and chat and things
Our eyes light up so bright.

Nothing stands between us
Our bond will always be
We are the very essence
Of a loving family.



Slowly the battle starts to rage
The fight begins anew
The warring factors in my brain
That once were knocked askew.

It starts with just a low headache
That creeps up from the back
It reaches to my temples
And thus begins the attack.

‘Ere long it’s in full fury
The pressure starts to build
My head feels like it will explode
It seems with war completely filled.

Once more my hand reaches to the drawer
Seeking out the prescribed relief
Without the drugs the pain gets worse
Pain becomes a rationale thief.

Contorted now upon the floor
My pain-wracked body twisting hard
I can’t take more, I need the drugs
But against addiction I must guard.

My mind drifts off as drugs take hold
Again the pain is put away
From time to time it will come back
It’s just I’ll never know the day.



The Phone Call

I hadn’t had a plan for this, I hadn’t planned at all
So when the phone rang on that day I was taken aback by the call
A call like that is incredibly rare, indeed it’s hardly fair
And so with you dear reader its nature I will share.

There was a man at the end of the line, his name I didn’t get
And it seemed from what he told me, I’d won millions of pounds, and yet…
He would of course need my details, my name and my address
By now it was getting quite involved, but vital he did stress.

Next of course it was my bank, the details he would want
So he could send the mighty cheque into a new account
I said to him, forget it mate, my info you’ll not get
and so it seems I will not be a millionaire just yet.


The Hunter

With a languidness the great bird lifted itself off the branch,
It was much older now but it still had a mate and young chicks to feed.
From the hide across the hill the hunter could hear the steady beat
of those great powerful wings, slowly pounding out their regular note.
He watched, fascinated by the beautiful golden colours that gave the bird its name
as the great creature soared off up into the air, to begin its slow steady scout for food.

Now that the eagle was aloft you could almost hear a pin drop, save for the odd sound
of running water slowly trickling down the hillside into the burn far below.
The hunter had quietly settled in this spot some four hours ago before dawn,
he was comfortable and had set his rangefinder on the eerie right from the start.
Now he just had to wait, but patience was one thing that he had in spades.
His skills as a sniper had been fully tested in foreign lands some years before.

Too many of the enemy had appeared in the cross-hairs of his rifle sights
and when they had they’d never reached the end of that day, he was that good.
That had been the problem, being that good you get called on more until…
He swore he would never again pick up a rifle containing live ammunition,
so here he was preparing for the perfect shot with his sniper rifle,
waiting to put a tranquiliser dart into this majestic golden eagle above, to protect him.

He never expected that this work would be so fulfilling, but here in the hills
He found job satisfaction and this work was certainly worthwhile, and no one died.
The eagle had spotted something for he was starting to rise and tilt his wings.
The hunter had watched him for days and had become very familiar with his method.
He would circle to come in from behind of course, but this canny chap had a trick,
he would come in so low he was never really in the prey’s field of vision long enough.

There was the prey, a rabbit who wasn’t too alarmed yet, but that would soon change…
and there he goes, darting about in a zigzag trying to throw the monster off his trail
with the hunter watching the eagle down, and as he lined up to swoop at the rabbit
at almost a hundred miles an hour, the hunter fired and the great bird fell to the ground.
He fired at the point where the eagle was closest to the ground, not wanting to hurt him.
The rabbit lived and the hunter packed away his rifle and walked back down the hill.

Others would do the tagging and the hunter would wait for his next call……


Betrayed Trust

Sorrow poured out of his very soul
It seeped into all his many things
All he touched reminded him of his foolishness
It was the howling anguish of the loss he now felt
But his distrusting nature, unfounded, had cast her guilty
He had crossed the line and told her he no longer trusted her.

She felt so betrayed by his lack of trust
The pain so raw she could hardly breathe
It hadn’t occurred to her that he would misunderstand
They’d loved each other almost all their lives, how could he?
His distrust was so unfounded, she felt so hurt
Where could they ever go from here?

The question hangs in the air, neither willing to act
He unable to forgive himself for his distrust
She not able to forgive him for the same thing
Yet both loving the other to a similar distraction
Ardency makes men do foolish and disastrous things
And leaves women to pick up all the broken pieces.


One Summer

Warmed by the sun, kissed by a breeze, the beach a perfect place
But on one beautiful Summer day, we argued and you drove away.
I watched you in your red sports car as you drove back up the hill
I remember it all like yesterday,and yes, I miss you still.
Anger had caused a rift so deep, our love not strong enough
I’d read you wrong, I’d hurt you, and your going was no bluff.

Time has passed, I’ve missed you so, I’ve loved you every day
I’ve tried to make a life worthwhile, but you don’t go away.
I live in hope that things may change, I miss your gentle touch
But fear and my self-loathing prevent me saying as much.
One day perhaps something will change, a small thing, but enough
And we’ll forgive the hurtful past, and find once more our love.

Each year I go on this same day, I walk along the shore
I won’t give up, I have to try, our love was so much more.
I hope to see you waiting there, my life is just a game
Once I thought I saw you and I ran and called your name.
You turned around and looked at me and all I felt was sorrow
For I had just misled myself, I’d try again tomorrow.



I wait for a piece of information
it is the answer to a question that
has unfortunately had to be asked
I don’t, yet must know the answer,
yet someone else, so dear to me and
so young needs the answer, dreads
the answer so much more. how can
life be so cruel? why after so many
millennia are we so fragile? a life
that is so well spent looking after
the interests and well-being of others
should not be so fragile, but is.

I learn the answer and it seems that
life indeed is that cruel after all.
we will all help. we will all fight.
we will win. nothing else is acceptable.



I don’t really know how I got here
My mind is completely blank
I’m cold and I’m wet and I’m filthy
And my hair is all long and lank.

I appear to be locked in a cellar
Not quite dark, there’s a little poor light
I’m awake, or at least I assume so
Was I drugged when I passed out last night?

No noise can be heard from the outside
No sound can be heard from within
Till a huge man leans in at the doorway
And I sense all the trouble I’m in.

He doesn’t ask, so much as point towards me
I get up and he shoves me through the door
It comes back to me all of a sudden
When I see the dead man on the floor.

Information that must never be surrendered
Is why the dead man lies there in the room
He was brave as they made me watch his death
And I fear that I may follow soon.

I’ve seen things here that I must not ever talk of
Things so terrible and on such a large-scale
Telling people, even those on my own side
Would cause panic and killing without fail.

But I signed up to do this kind of duty
Someone has to report what goes on
And as they hold my head under for just a moment too long
I know with my very last breath that I’ve won.