The Empty Doorway

empty doorway 2_edited

It is the time of the greatest of sadness
The memories are still fresh and so raw
When the moment comes back to that tick of the clock
And the last time you walked in through that door.

One o’clock daily I will stare at the door
Begging it to open with you there
With your heart full of love that was sadly so frail
You’re now only a memory in this home that we’d share.

I touch one of your sweaters and smell your perfume
And my heart breaks as I think back to that night
When you told me you loved me and you would all your life
And you did, oh you did, now you’ve gone from my sight.

I still keep your diary by the side of the bed
I’ve decided not to open it for now
I think if it stays shut you’re perhaps still inside
I can deal with that, I think I know how.

It’s that time again now and I look at the door
Though I know that you’ll never come through
But I still have the memories of all that we shared
And they hold me together like you’d do.

When the clock ticks one now I stare at that door
I’ll stare at it till the day that I die
And by the time that they lay me into the earth
I’ll once again be there right by your side.


©Joe Wilson – The Empty Doorway 2014

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