The Date(s)


He made a promise to meet her, and she was running late
He decided he’d go and have a pint, where he could watch for his date
But when one girl got off the bus, and then another too
He knew he’d made a double-date and wasn’t sure what to do
And while he sat there wondering whatever would happen next
He noticed clearly both of them were looking rather vexed.

It’s not that he was fly-by-night, he’d made a genuine error
And now he waited in the pub, in a certain amount of terror.
Cowardly he chose to stay and hoped that both would go away
This they did before too long, his back was weak and his instincts strong.

©Joe Wilson – The Date(s)2014

My Grandfather made a double-date such as this when he was a young man in about 1907 I suppose it would be. It was a genuine error, and my Grandmother, who had a better sense of humour than the girls in the poem, easily forgave him. I actually never knew a man with a stronger back and his wit entertained me for hours.

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