Yet another death…

Rafah (courtesy of BBC News website)
Rafah (courtesy of BBC News website)

A Gazan man woke up this morning and made his way
to the rocket launcher that was his station and from which
he had orders to fire across the border into Israel.

An Israeli man put on his uniform, that of a airman
and he joined his men for breakfast before going to
the bomber that was his home most of the time these days.

Both of these men were married and each had two sons
and four daughters who were all of school age.

Four hours after he began his duties the Israeli airman
flew his bomber over Rafah and released his bombs
where below they wreaked havoc on many houses burying
many people beneath them, some of them children.

The Gazan man lost his wife and two sons
and one of his daughters in that raid
but he carried on firing from his station as a dutiful man.
One of his rockets by some odd coincidence landed on
that airman’s house killing his entire family.

Nine children…and for what. A piece of war-torn land
that has been made uninhabitable by any normal standard?
They were killed, slaughtered, because selfish men
will not come to a compromise and seek a lasting peace.

One side could give, one side could give way a little.
Neither side will give an inch. Meanwhile…
children, innocent children, children whose lives
are hard enough in peace-time are being slaughtered
almost wholesale. For God’s sake…Stop,
for the Children’s sake…Stop

©Joe Wilson – Yet another death…2014

A new beginning…

Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci

He could hear the steady beat in his ears
it was the only sound there was sometimes
and was the most comforting sound ever made
but he knew this was not the only sound
as he sometimes felt rather than heard
something making other gentle sounds
and when the something moved
he had no choice, he moved too.

Something in the distance would make noises back
though that thing didn’t seem quite so gentle somehow
and where he was he felt very safe and comfortable
but although he couldn’t see anything he felt
he was on a journey that would soon be over
and then – he would see everything.

Then one day he was there
he was surrounded by brightness
and moving things making strange noises at him
that he didn’t understand and which made him cry.

But soon and very gently he was placed next to a thing
that he instinctively knew was his Mother.
It was the most beautiful thing
that he could have ever imagined.

©Joe Wilson – A new beginning 2014

The now empty garden

The garden looks lovely at this time of day
but an essential is no longer here
for without your feel for its Gaia
It’s not really a garden now I fear.

I touch a rose and see your beautiful face
in hibiscus and camellia I see it there too
but it misses your gentle encouragement
and their beauty just doesn’t shine through.

I sit on a small garden bench in the shade
and I think of the things that we said
tears start to fall and they just cannot stop
how I wish for those good times instead.

I’ll carry on tending our garden
I know that you’d like it that way
but the magic that lived in the garden
is no longer to be found there each day.


©Joe Wilson – The now empty garden 2014

The Unmoving Heron!


For an age I stared at that heron
my camera poised ready to prove
that if you stare long enough at a heron
the awkward buggers just will not move.

But the moment you put down your camera
and move your eye line a little to one side
the sod takes off while you’re not looking
and there’s loads of loud groans in the hide.

©Joe Wilson – The Unmoving Heron! 2014

Keep going…

They set out together a long time ago
there was a keenness to their gait
whatever was going to be thrown at them
they’d take in their stride and then leave to fate.

They made many new friends along the way
with hearts so stout and true
and some friends are with them still today
’cause they’re good people through and through.

Their journey took them far and wide
it has been one hell of a ride
there were hardships aplenty along the road
but they never left each other’s side.

And now they are here in the twilight years
the journey’s not over for them yet
the gait is less keen and they have their fears
but they’ve got plenty of mileage in them yet.

©Joe Wilson – Keep going…2014

My waking hours

Joe Wilson Nikon D80 Focal length 270mm F/6.3 1/320sec
Joe Wilson Nikon D80
Focal length 270mm
F/6.3 1/320sec

Pleasant thoughts of beauty
fill my waking hours
watching you, just watching you
as you tend your beloved flowers.

I’ve watched with joy for many years
and I always feel the same
as beautiful as the flowers are
to you they can’t hold a flame.

Flowers grow from your loving care
and in the breeze I see
they seem to smile as you pass them
I think they agree with me.

I sometimes wonder as I watch
how life could be so kind
to grant me life within a world
that allowed me you to find.

And as the dusk approaches
a halo glows round your head
perhaps you are an angel
and I’m in Heaven instead.

©Joe Wilson – My waking hours 2014

Unintended consequences

crash image

He woke up
thus it was a good day.

By the time he was dressed
he was just about ready
for his first cup of joe.

He walked down to the nearest eating place
and ordered breakfast, plus their largest coffee
– black.

The eggs were good, the bacon too and
though the coffee was only adequate
sadly it just had to do.

He got out his phone and called his partner
who must have been waiting for him
as he was there in minutes. He too had a coffee
– black.

He put some money on the table
and they both left.

So far it was still a good day.

Things change and sometimes
in the least expected way.

They got in his partner’s car and
his partner pulled away from the kerb.

They both heard the loud grinding noise
a lifetime before they ever saw anything.
The force of the out of control wagon
drove their car right over an embankment
and down a four foot bank into deep water.

Had they not been killed by the crash they
would have drowned anyway as the car was
buried in the mud at the bottom of that
particular gravel pit by the weight of
the wagon on top of it.

It hadn’t been a good day after all.
Not a bit of it.

©Joe Wilson – Unintended consequences 2014



He was a dignified man, quiet and still
And it was long years since he’d felt such a pain
But the haunting voice he now heard in his head
Was calling him in a challenge again.

He knew the dark monster had risen yet again
He felt it in every fibre of his being
So he gathered his belongings and left his small room
To face the vile creature he’d soon be seeing.

Bellepheron summoned the winged horse
He armed himself with his spear
The Chimera was such a mighty beast
And it’s flaming breath was to fear.

But Bellepheron had a plan for that
He loaded his spear up with lead
And upon his attack on the fearsome beast
He dropped it and it’s throat blocked instead.

Bellepheron became a hero defeating the Amazons too
He defeated the Soylmi and many other tribes
But his ego was getting a little too large
And assassins were beginning to take bribes.

Bellepheron sadly suffered from hubris
And Zeus caused him to fall to the earth
Where as a blinded and crippled lonely hermit
He lived a poor life – no longer of worth.

©Joe Wilson – Bellepheron 2014

Two short pieces

To sit thinking quietly on ones own
is perhaps today’s rarest commodity
when you say that you wish to be alone
observers will tag you as an oddity
and yet that solitariness is divine
a time to question one’s thoughts
a moment where honesty will guide you
and lies get your personal retorts.

©Joe Wilson – Private moments 2014


We seem so discouragingly needy
to resist the desire in our mind
to be seen to be caring to others
as if it was a sin to be kind
but to be kind to others is no sin
it is all that we should ever be
and He who is watching and caring
misses nothing in His Heavenly See.

©Joe Wilson – Not sinning 2014



he thought of all the horrid things
he would have liked to have said to his boss
for he was a very nasty piece of work
a fleeting thought, then it was lost

he’d have told him how much he despised him
and that he thought he was well past his prime
but the thought passed as quick he had it
as with all thoughts, he hadn’t the time

he’d have said lots of thing to some others
there were many many words they had used
but the one that had hit him the hardest
was when his boss had used the word ‘accused’

but then he had been stealing the money
he’d spent it on gambling and cars
but he was lousy at picking the winners
and spent a lot too much time in the bars

but he couldn’t face a lifetime in prison
he couldn’t have lived with the shame
so he felt that a fast trip down earthward
was the only way of saving his name

and so he was now on that journey
one he’d never taken before
it’s a once in a lifetime experience
when you jump from the fiftieth floor.

©Joe Wilson – Jumping 2014

‘a bit of fun – for me if not for him!’