Passed by…


Travelling at speeds well beyond our understanding
Leaving behind a world now in total Armageddon
The spaceship travels light-years to reach somewhere
Anywhere that can bear the species alongside their own
A species so tired of war that they set out completely unarmed.

They were searching and searching for many aeons
Till they chanced upon Earth as a place to stay
Gravity was very good, the air would be perfect
But in violence such as they had left behind
we kill one another and other creatures too.

So they continued their search and quickly passed us by.

©Joe Wilson – Passed by…2014

A short piece of whimsy.

A Cruelty Unbearable…

Wandering in my mind looking for reasons
I came across far more questions than answers
Why are so many children of the world dying
Why are so many, many mothers crying
Why is God so cruel to them – but I know
It is mankind that is cruel, it is man.

Why was man put here to be so unkind
Why are we here at all if not to find
A way to learn to treat our sisters
A way to learn to love our children
A way to learn to respect our elders
A way to learn to love with dignity.

Some choose a path that takes them to God
Some choose a different way and yet still hope
Some take a path that leads to their dying
And leave behind their widows and children crying
Can we not yet see that utter pointlessness
Nor see all of the good that we should bless.

A little child lies dying in a hospital crib
Her mother so unwilling now to depart
The shortest of lives that the wee thing lived
Like a stake has been driven right into her heart.
She was killed in the crossfire unintentionally
But she’s no less dead, can we not yet see!

A Cruelty Unbearable…2014


I thought I had passed this way often before
there were things I absolutely recalled
things that stirred in me old treasured memories
feelings that had previously left me enthralled.

And of course I had, for love is just like that
each memory is a memory to enjoy and repeat
the love that stands by you and with you each day
will also make memories that make one complete.

All through these years of a life filled with love
one person has stood by my oft foolish side
and as memories come flooding back from long years ago
the woman still here now then stood as my bride.

We pursued life together and our memories are shared
a life spent without her I couldn’t possibly have taken
and though now with age our passion grows gentler
our love for each other is as ever unshaken.


©Joe Wilson – Reflections 2014

In the shadows

You were in deep thought when I last saw you
You never see me looking, I’m a shadow
I always admire your quiet dignified way
I want so much to speak, I have things to say.

I watch and wait and then see you leave
So what did my reticence even slightly achieve
I stand as that shadow each and every day
Hoping for the courage to just simply say.

Hallo, how are you, may I join you for a while
And perhaps I’d receive your radiant smile
But I’m just not that brave whenever I stop and think
I’m actually invisible, we couldn’t share a drink.

©Joe Wilson – In the shadows 2014

Love will always win…

I saved my childish heart for you
and luckily for me you took it
our life of glorious ups and ups
across the world or just next door
I would never have wanted anyone else
I couldn’t have loved you more.

Who could ever imagine
how amazing a person could be
the goodness and love you’ve given
you’ve given only to me
and why I ask was I ere so blessed
we make our choice with a heart that’s free.

There are times even now when I catch
my breath and feel a wonderful sigh
of contentment at my very full glass
and I smile as I think of my riches
it’s as if I’d been given all of that bread
and eaten all of those fishes.

After these thoughts my pains just ease
I’ll deal with those another day
and in your beauty I will bide
I’ll not change a single thing
but listen to your beating heart
and hear my own heart sing.


©Joe Wilson – Love will always win…2014