Romeo & Juliet briefly…

So smooth the stone in hand held tight
Then cast it he across the lake
And in the way of ducks and drake
It skimmed awhile then sank from sight.
And with it went his last sad chance
That he would see her ever yet
The play retold their meeting set
But came she not for him to glance.

Their love was passion tragic, short
Each felt they’d met their heart’s desire
Though some did seek to quell that fire
And drive the lovers apart for sport.
Of them tales told that were untrue
And spread amongst their kin
That what they felt was mortal sin
Shamed Capulet and Montague.

In secret tryst and wedded now
One night of love spend they
Before the exile goes away
One briefest kiss will time allow.
With Tybalt dead and lover gone
Yet she does think him dead
And so she feigns her death to bed
While Paris weeps thinks he’s the one.

And thus now Romeo, Paris smites
And weeps then he o’er Juliet’s tomb
For to her death she did succumb
He kills himself this poisoned night.
Poor Juliet, her love lies dead
Thus family feud has proven best
She takes her dagger to her breast
Now peace at last comes in death’s stead.

©Joe Wilson – Romeo & Juliet briefly…2015

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