In dreams, serene…

In dreams I come to join you
Our hearts and arms entwined
Each night it will remain the same
Never the more to be refined.

And when I wake to sadness
Alone, I am in pain
I cannot wait to sleep once more
To dream with you again.

My aching heart lies broken
Alone forever I’ll trudge
Tragic misunderstanding
Then hardened into grudge.

O foolish pride keeps us apart
Beloved, now cast adrift
The jealousy of callow youth
That blinds us from the gift.

We should have run so far away
Had merry blacksmith join we two
But honour stood betwixt us
And distance slowly grew.

And thus we both remain alone
Our love can never be
We meet alone in dreams, serene
And pray that dawn won’t set us free.

©Joe Wilson – In dreams, serene…2015

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