Cats do not make mistakes…

A tale for animal lovers and children


Some things don’t happen for goodness sake
Like seeing a cat make a big mistake
But that I saw the other day
The first time ever, locals say.
I saw it fall before my eyes
As Ethel did to her surprise
It landed right on her new hat
And mean of spirit, she hit the cat
Which struck right back and scratched her arm
And that’s when Ethel lost her charm.
She went ballistic and chased the thing
Completely ignoring the engagement ring
Which I quickly put back in the box
Deciding my cat was a crafty fox.
From a long line of suitors I was struck off
I feign upset with embarrassed cough
And the cat, well she sits by my side
Giving looks of disdain when Ethel is spied.

©Joe Wilson – Cats do not make mistakes…2015

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