An elephant! Up a tree!



Once more for animal lovers and children…

What a funny sight it would be
If an elephant really fell out of a tree
The mess it would make around the place
Would be nothing compared to the look on its face.
For elephants do not fall out of trees
They’re places for squirrels and birds and bees
But this was a special elephant you see
And he liked climbing tree after tree.
But he always fell with a mighty thud
Because of course, he was built like a pud!

His feet were large and his fingers well! None!
He used his trunk to really hang on
And of course his ears got in the way
He didn’t belong, well he was just so – grey.
The branches on which he sat would creak
When with his friends he played hide and seek
Who of course always looked up into the trees
Where their very large friend thought he hid if you please
Then he wobbled and shook and everyone could tell
As always the way he came down was, he fell.

©Joe Wilson – An elephant! Up a tree!…2015

No elephants were hurt in the writing of this poem.

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