Just a thought…

Remember to say good morning to the Sun every day. Even if you cannot see him, he is warming someone’s back somewhere. Remember too, to say hello each evening to the moon. She lights a path for someone every night, even if for a while, it isn’t you. Harken to the wind which blows away all the filth which we poor fools inflict upon the atmosphere every minute of every day, then wonder why sometimes we can hardly breathe. Nurture the rains which wash away the poisons that we spill across the land in order to make that extra profit, and let us all be thankful for the bounty that still, despite our best efforts to spoil her, the land yields each crop season to feed us. Know too, that there is enough, it’s just not too evenly spread. There are those who enjoy the making of profit from someone else’s misfortune…those you should not say good day to.

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