Motorway fun…

‘Look out you devil, you pulled out in front
Good manners prevents me calling you…’
Yes, I’m back on the motorway, yet once more
‘Watch out mate, you just missed my door’.
Amidst the drivers in their trucks and vans
And though it’s now winter, odd caravans
With cars so many in all shapes and size
Plus dozens of winners of my Lunatic Prize.
I’m off to service station for personal ease
The toilet block, closed – if you please
So we all press on with resolve quite firm
To the next oasis, I’m beginning to squirm.

But! Then it suddenly occurs to me
The loo in my motorhome is perfectly free
As always the inevitable happens of course
One of those jams where it seems there’s no source.
So to the hard shoulder I feel I must pull
It is an emergency — the pain more than dull.

Post blessed relief and the washing of hands
A knock on the door at the side of the van
The there revealed looked barely restrained
‘Your loo mate, may I, I’m barely contained.
But after all duties had been dusted and done
He said, ‘Move along now, come on now, move on.

©Joe Wilson – Motorway fun…2015

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