A winter walk…

Coated horse in a winter field

The winter tang from fresh wet bark
Brushes senses gentle as I walk by
Across the dew-wet meadow
And over the aged and rotting stile.

A cheeky fox trots swiftly over the way
His keen eye never leaves my sight
He sidles through the hedgerow
I think no food he caught last night.

I hear the screech of hawks nearby
Some little creature met his match
And though it’s sad when they get caught
The kestrels hover over this patch.

Horses whinny in the field nearby
As they shuffle in the cold damp grass
One of them leans across the fence to me
So I stop and stroke her head as I pass.

Steam rises up from her white wet nose
There’s such pride in her noble face
And she’s not too cold with the near high hedge
And the winter coat tied in place.

The sun starts to rise now over the fields
And a warm day’s expected, which is fine
I believe it’s the greatest start to the day
Taking walks within Nature’s design.

©Joe Wilson – A winter walk…2016

What price the environment…


As I walk down from Bury Ring
I gasp at seas of plastic
To feed extended seasons
Stupidity fantastic.

If we ate fruit in season
No need for sights obscene
And all the seas could be rolled up
We’d see our verdant green.

But when it rains it washes soil
That carries down the lanes
It puts money in people’s pockets
The land, it never gains.

And now we are in winter
The seas of plastic rolled
Revealing frames of ugliness
That sag now, uncontrolled.

There is an orchard that I know
That fills my fascination
Wherein the Ashmead Kernels grow
In natural inclination.

But come the late October days
The fruit is at its peak
With tastes that fill the senses
I hardly dare to speak.

And what I’ve learnt is patience
The wait increases joy
You see, we’re meant to wait awhile
It’s Mother Nature’s ploy.

©Joe Wilson – What price the environment…2016