A light to guide us…

walking in moonlight

Shine bright moon
And light my way
I’ve travelled far
Since yesterday.

Through war-filled places
Where men do fight
Where children die
Such frightful sight.

I’ve crossed the seas
Where creatures swim
Whose only enemy
Is sadly him.

Him, the human
Killing machine
Who takes so much
It feels obscene.

And over lands
Where people starve
If we took less
Their pain might halve.

And into homes
Where children hurt
Where parents treat them
Just like dirt.

Dark street corners
Where women sell
As weep they try
To escape their Hell.

So shine bright moon
And light my way
Leave much to say.

And should I fail
Along the strive
Please light a path
For others to drive.

But there are those
Whose gentle soul
Has lit a beacon
As was their role.

For history’s filled
With souls like theirs
Whose aim in life
Was equal shares.

Yet sadly life
Treats them so ill
Their guiding path
Silent, still.

But guide the mean
Where e’er we find
To better ways
That are more kind.

Perhaps then we
Would feel so skilled
As lives as ours
Would be fulfilled.

So yes! Shine moon
And light their way
As they strive to chase
Such pain away…

©Joe Wilson – A light to guide us…2016