Somebody cares…

Have you ever just thought running out of the door
If I ran far away to some far distant shore
Would anyone miss me or care just a fig
If I ran out the door and made off on that gig.
And would you get part way along the long road
When you stood back and wondered how heavy your load
Whether it was worth all of the heartache you’d cause
By running away without stopping to pause.

It’s likely that folks would be terribly sad
If you just ran away, which really is bad
As it seems to me that we all have a place
If we look hard enough we will see a face
That is kindly and loving and cares just for us
But tends to hold back as they don’t like a fuss…

©Joe Wilson – Somebody cares…2016

I get the message…

His night-time demons locked away
A smile — he’d now locked on his face
He went downstairs to join his wife
To the kitchen, their homes happiest place.

His wife smiled knowingly yet again
His angina was getting much worse
Yet if she broached the subject
His response was always terse.

He sat and ate his breakfast
Far too much she’d always say
And if he didn’t eat far less
She knew there’d be Hell to pay.

But he, too foolish, ate the lot
Then set off on his work-bound way
But the dark angel paid him a visit
He never made it through the day.

And she was left to mourn him
In the kitchen she sits – alone
They could have loved for many years
If he’d just lost a couple of stone.

©Joe Wilson – I get the message…2016

I’m not this man, though I could surely do with losing some weight, as can many of us. The middle of the day is much more of a problem for me. The simple fact is, if we eat a little less we will lose weight, and that along with a little exercise has to be good for us.