A lonely furrow to heartache…


It’s a dark and lonely road he walks
Full of silence and bitter regret
He knows he should have worked it out
But he wasn’t ready for solutions yet.
So in his dark and moody frame
You see a man of stubborn will
Who couldn’t admit that he was wrong
And one can see his dark mood still.

Some men will never say they’re wrong
They never bend or even bow
Perhaps they think they look less strong
Admitting that shows strength somehow.
So lonely furrowed path he ploughs
His pride won’t let him work things through
Yet all that lies ahead for him
Is sadness now he misses you.

And from the side-lines I must watch
He’d brook no fool advice from me
I see them both be-dogged by pain
Regretting all that there could be.
But wait – I see him turn and look
With love-filled eyes at she who wept
Maybe there’s hope of rescue yet
As he perhaps takes that first step.

©Joe Wilson – A lonely furrow to heartache…2016

The Devil gets his due…


Winds howling, darkening times threaten
Incessant racket from a clattering skylight
Hatches battened down, a storm on its way
Skies of foreboding as darkness brings night.

Dark forests filled with screaming ghosts
The foolish stranger now wanders therein
And thus In grasp of diabolic hosts
The scythe will rise, he’ll pay for sin.

For yet again the raven will call
And a scythe draws blood somewhere
The Devil’s abroad collecting his dues
If you’re a sinner, you’d best beware.

Amidst the branches shrouded in grey
The ghostly ensemble drifts away
In deathly silence through the night
Vanishing only at break of day.

And in that thick dark canopy waits
An evil so frightening to all
Except the Devil and his ghostly friends
Who wait and listen for the raven’s call.

©Joe Wilson – The Devil gets his due…2016