She is everywhere…

She was no myth, though almost a whisper in the wind
But wherever she travelled, enlightenment always followed
Her heart was pure and her thoughts untainted
And in her own anguish, she never wallowed.

She travelled around lightly dispensing good cheer
For that was her way and it gave her such joy
Yet very few noticed her eyes filled with fear
Especially her girl, and especially her boy.

Finally worn down by great pain and foul ill
Her indomitable spirit slowly faltered and she died
And all who have loved her have said their farewells
As we listened to music and saw pictures we cried.

But she rises amongst us, her spirit and love
She’s in every life of those who she knew
And if you feel down and you think of her
Her goodness will help you get through.

Though she never lived for hundreds of years
She managed just two score and two
She surely lit flames for all of her friends
And just as surely she would have lit one for you.

© Joe Wilson – She is everywhere…2016

I’m not really sure that this is appropriate,
but it sure made me feel better.

Our daughter.

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