Who is really ignorant…


Once again daylight brought no relief
Their hopes, now shattered, soon turn to grief
Famine they’d known, but none such as this
Crops lying withered by a hard sunshine’s kiss.
People lay down sometimes never to rise
Rain still refusing to fall from the skies
Anguish was etched on young mothers’ faces
Death making visits to so many places.

Save the Children and then The Red Cross
Struggling so hard to temper the loss
The climate is changing but who gives a toss
Big business and bottom lines just please the boss!

Our air is polluted but it can be undone
A willingness for change from everyone
The polluters are us in our wondrous First World
But the poverty elsewhere has cruelly unfurled.
The death knell now sounds in faraway lands
People are suffering yet don’t understand
For they do no harm to the rich life on Earth
But many will die and become part of it’s dearth.

©Joe Wilson – Who is really ignorant…2017

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