The highways of life…




How long the highways of life can seem
That leave an imprint on your heart
To deal with and then not to succumb
As the heartache breaks you apart.

Mile upon mile we travelled as one
Seeking such joy in a life that shone
And then one day I looked, you were gone
Yet the blacktop painfully carries me on.

So trudge do I my lonely soul
A life alone and joyous free
My memories I do yet control
And while it’s so you’re here with me.

We sat by lakes and hung our feet
In bright clear water warmed by sun
And watched the dawn rise from the east
A life of joy had thus begun.

But now, alone, my thoughts are bleak
You seem to slip so far away
And days now pass when I don’t speak
For what is there now left to say.

©Joe Wilson – The highways of life…2017

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