That which is important…

Low expectations
On a miserable day
Lost his position
They’ve been made to pay.
His company’s folly
Expansion they’d said
The deal though, fell through
Now the jobs are all dead.

It was then that he saw them
Playing around in the park
A mother and her child
Just having a lark
It brightened his day
Well how could it not
Making him thankful
For all that he’d got.

He walked over to them
Got into their space
The woman turned to him
Got into his face
Put her hands on his shoulders
And melted his heart
For she was his wife
His most important part.

The day just got better
Not so miserable now
There was other employment
He’d find it somehow.
But family was precious
To him it was all
And he’d never leave them
They made him feel tall.

©Joe Wilson – That which is important…2019

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