This is not any kind of ode…

Why do we put power into the hands of fools? They buy their way in in the main of course, but we in turn vote for them. What reckless fools are we! If we look at the countries currently being led by women it becomes clear that they have a far, far better grip on the realities of coronavirus than those being led by bull-headed and sometimes terrifying men. Germany, New Zealand, Iceland, Taiwan, Finland, Norway and Denmark are all handling the crisis far better than the UK, America, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, India, The Philippines, Hungary, not forgetting Israel either. Their approach has been honest for a start, they have been swift to act, and they have been decisive. We have still much to learn about this terrible virus and these women leaders seem more open to understanding this and wiser in their sharing knowledge with those who they care for.

For far too long women have not been encouraged in any number into the decision making process of leadership roles. It is a terrible shame that it takes a crisis such as this to show quite clearly that women are more than up to the challenge.

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