Unmonitored Courage

It was so hard to tell what was being said
The nurse was completely covered
Her voice so distorted through the mask she wore
She was his saviour, into her hands his life he’d put.
And through it all he wrestled with his guilt
The disease he’d caught on holiday with friends
Some of whom no longer lived as he now seemed
He hoped he hadn’t passed it on as seemed the trend.

Nurses, doctors, cleaners too, all played a part in caring
He was amazed at courage that’s never shown to us
How close they monitor each slightest change in him
And others too, they tend them all without a fuss.
And some of them, so close to this such dire threat
Still will come to work amidst such death
And suffer too a fate so awful to us all
As they as angels take their final breath.

And so it goes
And so it goes
Some things are that deadly.

©Joe Wilson – Unmonitored Courage…2020

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