The Final Part…

The Final Part…

He’s retired now himself, my boy Clem
And home to the cottage he came
For Libby, his wife and Clem look for us now
It’s back’ards but things ain’t the same.
And we all live a life of quiet now
In the village where the river’s in spate.
We watch from the garden as the days just go by
Rarely leaving through our creaky gate.

But it’s good to be here in the village
With our kinfolk not too far away
With Libby and Clem here beside us
It’s different but the clouds aren’t just grey.
There will come a time when I shuffle off too
But not too soon I hope, not too soon
For there’s lots of odd things that I’ve still yet to do
Not wrapped up in some useless cocoon.

©Joe Wilson - The Final Part…2021
A final part to ‘Dreaming of home’ and ‘More thoughts of Home.’
All three were written in a style similar to O. Henry
[William Sidney Porter (1862 – 1910)]

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