Saturday in the dull….

Saturday afternoon is a dull time when it rains
Nothing much passing my window save the odd car
And they probably pass at the rate of one an hour
Such is village life during this blasted pandemic.

The brown leaves of the beech hedge outside my front window
Can always be seen right through at this early time in Spring
But the hydrangea growing up the wall by the front door
Is already well on the way to looking fully green and splendid.
Soon its will be covered in beautiful creamy coloured lace caps
And the buddleias are already searching for attention.

There is a Victoria plum tree in my back garden that was my wife’s
Her sister gave it to her for a birthday present six years ago
The next year our daughter, Victoria, died and now so has my wife
There has never been as much blossom on the tree as this year.
Is that a message or am I clutching at straws! Who knows…
Saturday afternoon is a dull time when it’s wet and you’re lonely.

©JoeW – Saturday in the dull…2021

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