One day…

The old tree was cracked and gnarled
from years and years of rain and wind
and hailstones
The price it paid for being planted
right on the coast overlooking the North Sea
One couldn’t find a signal of any sort way up there
and it was definitely not a friendly place
for mobile phones.
But yet it was the most wonderful
and peaceful place that one could ever
hope to be.
We built a cottage by the sea,
our love-nest if you will
And we fished along the coast all day
and the memory warms me still.
But that was then and this is now,
a life alone in tears
as now another life begins
we’ll see just where it steers.

One day perhaps I’ll visit the cottage where we lay
and soak up all the love we shared
before that awful day.
I’ll go and find the old gnarled tree
and find our names carved there,
her name above and mine below
carved in a heart we’d share.
One day……………

©JoeW – One day…2021

One thought on “One day…

  1. ‘One day’ is always just a love thought away and as our bodies live in the physical world, so we live out lots of our love in our thoughts. 💖

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