Still hopeful…

Woke up to a beautiful day today

Sun nice and hot, but not too hot

And I felt thankful, just this once

Thankful for all the good things

…………that I’ve still got.

I’d woken to that gentle strain

That is the angelic voice of Jennifer Warnes

Singing Rock You Gently

It’s a kind of magic to wake to

………….and of a life that still adorns.

Perhaps the early signs are there

She’d want me to move on

Crumbling under the weight

Is still a frequent occurrence

But I will still survive

………….and I will love the world.

For love is the only weapon

That is necessary in life

Surely, everybody wants

To be loved and to love in return

………….it overcomes all strife.

©JoeW – Still hopeful…2021

2 thoughts on “Still hopeful…

  1. I sometimes think and love the idea of:
    Taking in a big ol’ deep breath of love that is being sent out into the world by others,
    and then to breathe out love again back to the world that needs it most.
    I get the feeling someone might call that meditation,
    but that is it when it is just one in breath and then one out again?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. I like your way of thinking. The world could do with taking a large breath sometimes and love is definitely the key.

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